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*This is the place where the world leaders of tomorrow are educated today to learn English better than native speakers.*

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The Color of Love
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Children Learning English
Jack and the Beanstalk
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If children don't do this at this time in their lives, they have missed a great opportunity for an excellent foundation in academic learning. 

Learn the secrets to Teaching English

Learn the most technologically advanced English Teaching Method today.

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Implement your own innovative full immersion class with our method.

Learn how our method creates a full emersion that facilitates the whole aspects of language learning:

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An innovative English Learning Method 

  • The English Language Acquisition Method is a training method for teachers that facilitates the whole language learning of reading - writing - listening - speaking.

  • Students usually achieve a high level of fluency in about six months.

  • It is a creative full emersion using literature, and movement.

  • So it is fun, but most of all effective.

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What makes us different?

Our method is like no other, it's based on the idea that the vocal cords are like a musical instrument that you need to learn how to play, and so the teaching method is taught in the same way music is learned, only without actually using music because words have their own rhythm, and that is what students learn how to hear. 

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A revolutionary English method like no other

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What people say about ELA

Parent of student
The most fun and exciting method we've tried
Dear Mary Ann,
I cannot begin to express to you our appreciation for your work with our son this year in your Communications Class.  The growth we have seen in him this year is astonishing, and we attribute most of it to his experience in your class. Thanks so much for the long lasting impact you have made on his life.
Student, age 10
Simply the best English Teacher in the world

This class taught me that I didn't need to be scared about getting up in front of people. We read some good books and then got to perform a scene of our choice, just the way we wanted to.  I thought it would be hard but it was actually fun to do! I like to do humorous pieces because it makes people laugh.

Student, age 13
To Mary Ann C.
When my mom introduced you, I actually doubted you, but I liked the progress of learning the variety of speeches.  I especially like the EXPOSITORY speech I am doing now.  You always taught interesting things which others didn't.  I hope to see you again when I'm back here for college. Have a great life!
Children in Indoor Playground
English Language Acquisition
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