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About English Language Acquisition 

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It is our goal in English Language Acquisition to teach children who are learning English as a second language the same way native speakers learn. Children as young as five have become fluent speakers of English in as little as six months with our Language Acquisition Method.  We see this consistently with children in a wide age range, as well.  It is also our belief that adults need to be learning the same way children learn, by using all of their senses; listening, reading, writing, speaking, and moving, all motivated from within a text of literature. 
This skill is truly foundational to all other academic learning, and teaches much more than just words, or expressions.  This learning method teaches students how to think in English, and consider each character with compassion as  students strive to recreate the motivations that embody each protagonist, or antagonist within scenes we create from the actual text of the books they are reading.  We create a full emersion in the language with the use of technology by implementing audiobooks, and movies, in addition to recordings for practice, and making videos as final projects. The progress is visual, and the result speaks for itself. 
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 English is my passion

“After struggling to educate my own children, and so many others over the years, I began to see gaps emerge in the children's academic foundation.  Many tears revealed their frustration was real, and coping with the stress of learning affected each family in a different way. Children need direction and focus, and parents need a guide to support their efforts in helping their children achieve academic goals.  That is why I decided to create a foolproof method that anyone, anywhere in the world, can master to teach English easily, changing their lives and the lives of their students in a positive way. More than anything else, the results are stunning every time!"

I'll meet you inside!

- MaryAnn Campbell


Mary Ann Campbell is certified to teach English as a second language by the American Language Institute in association with Cambridge.

In addition to over 30 years experience in English Education, she also has certification in Early Childhood Education, as well as Family Life Education

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