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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

I would like Maryann to teach my child. How do I connect with her?

Please, just fill out the contact form. You can also chat with Maryann about what you need. You will either be added to her schedule, or put on a wait list. If other tutors in the program are available, you may also be given their information, if you wish. *The pricing schedule for children is as follows: $35.— an hour, once a week for one child, or $50.— an hour, once a week for two children taught together. This is payable on a monthly basis with a signed contract.

How can I enroll my child?

Just fill out the contact form and you will be contacted with enrollment information.

Is there an age limit for my child to join the program?

Children as young as 3 have taken this couse successfully and have learned language basics, including reading, but at that age, attention span is short and hand-eye coordination is still challenging for small hands to learn writing skills. Generally, it will serve you and your child better to start at around ages 5 or 6 for second language learners. Native learners can usually start earlier, but second language learners need time to become grounded in their native language as well. Adults can benefit from this practice also. However, children respond faster while adults usually have to commit themselves to a more longterm practice. Good thing it’s fun!

Once enrolled into the Training Course, do I have lifetime access to the materials?

Yes. All of the materials remain available for you to use to teach with, and hopefully you will learn how to create your own, although the Literary Club offers more scripts from Maryann.

Do I need to have a teaching degree to enroll into the Training Course?

No. This program teaches you a skill that only relies on your ability to use a computer. It does, however, add 1 credit to your Continuing Education Units for 10 hours of instruction. Even if your English isn’t good, you can join the Literary Club for ongoing support in editing and pronunciation.

Once I have my training certificate, what do I do next?

Join our wait list of online tutors for when students become available. Also, you can have business cards made to help generate your own following of students by offering your services to schools and libraries, or private tutoring services.

As a tutor in the program, will I have on-going education with Maryann for the program, and how do I begin getting students?

You can always connect with Maryann through the chat with your questions. Your name will go into the registar of ELA's certified tutors. Once you sign the waiver for independant contractors you will be contacted when students become available. You can accept or decline as you wish since this enables your own tutoring business. You can, also, teach this skill within your local community at libraries and schools, or other public programs.

What is the difference between the Training Course, the program, and the Literary Club?

The Training Course will teach you how to use an expert English skill. The program is the actual classes for the children being tutored. And the Literary Club is for ongoing support for self-guided students, or for tutors who need support guiding students. * Space is also available for adults within the program.

Will my child interact with other students while enrolled in the program?

Not usually. This program offers private tutoring for children. Although, sometimes two children can be taught together which gives a $10.-- per hour discount per student on the fee for tuition which can be calculated as: $35.-- an hour for each student or, $50.-- an hour for two.

Once I join the Literary Club, how do I pay tuition? Do I pay every month?

The Literary Club is set to a monthly pricing plan. Once you join, you will automatically be billed every month. *Literary Club pricing is $99 per month.